Of all the AT&Tcellphones, the Quickfire is designed especially for text messaging. It has a large 2.8-inch QVGA touch screen display and it slides open to aQWERTY keypad - capable of reading text messages in portrait or landscape mode. It uses AT&T's high-speed 3G HSDPA network, and the Quickfire can download music through Napster Mobile and eMusic Mobile. You can also get voice-guided directions and real-time traffic via AT&T Navigator. If you are on the road you can entertain yourself with AT&T's Cellular Video (CV) service for news or music videos with HBO Mobile, or sports on ESPN, or listen to music via stream XM Radio service.


This is a new just released ATTcellphones called the LG Incite. It is sleek and sophisticated and runs on Windows mobile 6.1 Professional. This phone has a 3 inch touch screen that you can use with a stylus of with your fingers. The on screen keyboard also has vibration feedback and the phone has Bluetooth 2.0. Needless to say, this phone is expensive and very cool.

You can get the best price here for the LG Incite CT810


This is another just released AT&Tcellphones that comes will all sorts of cool stuff. The Pantech C610 has a 1.3 megapixel cameral with video recording. It runs on AT&T's 3G network which allows you to do things like download music, watch TV shows, and navigate via the GPS capabilities. You can shop for music on Napster and eMusic but this phone does not have the fancy pull out keyboard that some phoens do.

You can get the best price here for the Pantech C610 ATTcellphone.


This ATTcellphone is the new Pantech Matrix which has a sliding double keypad design. The keypad slides down and a QWERTY keyboard slides out from the side for fast text messaging-VERY COOL!. It has a camera with zoom along with recording video and can do live video conversations with Video Share. You can download music with this phone and it is even a GPS device.

You can get the best price here for the Pantech Matrix C740


The ATT Samsung Epix I907 is another comprehensive ATTcellphone that is just out. It comes with a 2.5 inch touch screen and keyboard as well as an optical mouse for use with the built in Wi-Fi that users can connect to nationwide.

A 2.0 megapixel camera is included which will take both pictures and video. As far as memory goes, it comes with an external memory slot for up to 32 GB storage. Of course it also comes with full BlueTooth capabilities making this ATTcellphones one of the hottest around.

You can get the best price here - Samsung EPIX i907


This ATTcellphones is the new Samsung Propel with many features. It is a multimedia smartphone with a sliding upward keypad. It comes with a camera and camcorder, stereo Bluetooth, and a MP3 player. This ATT phone comes with all the goodies you need to stay connected to your friends. .

You can get the best price for this phone here - Samsung Propel a767


This brand new 2008 4th quarter release of the ATT Sony Ericsson W760A will give you the is the first truly global Walkman phone with tri-band HSDPA. This will enable broadband speed downloads of the latest music anywhere in the world. It comes with "Shake Control" where you flick the wrist to randomly play a new song from your playlist.

You will also be getting GPS and Wayfinder Navigator built-in as well as Google Maps for step-by-step directions to destinations. Great gaming features, motion control and widescreen gameplay including Need for Speed ProStreet come preloaded. This is one hot ATTcellphones!

The cheapest place to get this phone is here - Sony Ericsson W760a


Can the new G1 phone be used with AT&T? Unfortunately you need an unlock code for the G1 so that you can use it with your ATT service or any other service. Do you want to know how to unloke the new T-Mobile G1?

If you want to konw how to unlock your G1 you will need to get an unlock code which you can get here - It's not free but it is worth to be able to use the TMobile G1 with your ATT service. This way you can turn your G1 into an ATT G1!


Are you trying to find free Blackberry Curve Themes? Although there are probably quite a few free Curve themes to choose from, they are proving hard to find. Most people get right on Google to check to see where thay can download some free themes for their Blackberry.

It is difficult to find free themes and most sites sites say they are offering free Blackberry themes but as it turns out they are not. These sites make you believe they are free and then when you get to that download page you have to order or download a free trial that will turn into a paid membership later.

I have seen other people with them so I know free Blackberry Curve themes are out there but finding them is the hard part. If you know where to get these free Blackberry themes leave a comment and let me know.


Another upcomming release for ATT cell phones is this HTC Fuze. It will have a 5-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard for text entry and a large VGA touch screen using TouchFlo 3D user interface. It will keep connected with email, text and instant messaging, Internet access, personal organizer, video, satellite radio, and more - all at broadband speeds. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and Push-to-Talk. With Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the Fuze can access Microsoft Outlook mailbox, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks; edit Microsoft Office documents or view Adobe PDF attachments; or take advantage of support for multiple email applications including Microsoft Direct Push, Good Mobile Messaging, and Blackberry Connect.

You can get the best price here for the HTC FUZE


This upcoming release of the ATTcellphone Motorola RAZR2 V9x will showcase a stainless steel frame and two-tone soft touch housing. It offers a large external display, giving users the option to play music via touch-sensitive music keys. Consumers can share their video with AT&T Video Share or get turn-by-turn directions with AT&T Navigator. The RAZR2 V9x uses CrystalTalk technology to automatically adjust the audio to match background noise so users can be heard in a crowd. High-speed HSDPA technology connects to the Internet at 3.6 Mbps.

You can get the best price here for the Motorola RAZR2 V9x


The Samsugn Rugby (SGH-A837) is designed for on-site field services. This ATTcellphones is built to withstand harsh conditions and will wethstand rain, humidity, salar radiation, dust, shock, and temperature changes. This is one kick-ass ATT cell phone! The ATT Rugby is also loaded with moving maps, real-time traffic alerts, access to over 16 million points of interest, a 2.0-inch LCD, 1.3-megapixel camera and camcorder, AT&T Music and Mobile TV service for multimedia, and access to email, instant messaging and Internet services

You can get the cheapest price for this phone here Samsung Rugby a837


This new ATTcellphones is being released in the third quarter of 2008. It comes with a crystal clear LCD screen so that you can watch all your favorite shows such as football games on it. It has an MP3 player for your music, digital radio by XM Radio Mobile, and bluetooth 2.0.

The LG Invision runs on AT&T's high-speed third-generation (3G) network for rates of up to 1.4 Mbps. This ATT cell phones is everything you will need for a long time to come.


The New Apple iPhones are out and they are part of the ATT cell phones family. There has been so much hype surrounding these Apple ATTcellphones but the main difference is the faster Internet access that the first model. Are you looking to get the best price for one of these phones?


Set to release in the 3rd quarter of 2008, The BlackBerry Bold (9000) ATTcellphones mobile phone will be RIM's newest and slickest phone yet. It comes with high-speed mobile Internet access and Wi-Fi and integrated GPS.

This new ATT cellphone has twice the screen resolution of the BlackBerry Curve along with a host of other cool state of the art features such as the 128 MB flash memory plus 1 GB on-board storage memory. The Blackberry Bold has a 2.0-megapixel camera with video recording capability, built-in flash and 5x digital zoom. The media player displays pictures and slideshows, plays movies in full screen mode, and manages the music collection.

You can get the best price here for the Research In Motion Blackberry Bold


The Samsung Omnia will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2008. Released for ATTCellphones, this phone is really a business device which runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and has Microsoft Office with PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

It also comes with a touch screen, a trackpad, keyboard, camera, Internet access, and other features that will make this ATTcellphone one of the state of the art phones when it comes out.

You can get the best price here for the Samsung Omnia i910


This 2nd quarther 2008 release attcellhphone, is really targeted for people who are first time cell phone owners. This phone is perfect for anyone who is unfamiliar with cell phones and might be a bit aprehensive about getting one. It has a large keypad, an oversized display, and simple menus that can be understood by anyone. The cheapest price can be found here for the Pantech C520 Breeze

BUY ATTCELLPHONES - Samsung Access (A827)

This Samsung Access A827 is one of the newest ATTcellphones on the market. It is the first device to offer AT&T Mobile TV, delivering full-length television content and sporting events from top networks, including programming from leading entertainment brands CBS Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile, MTV, NBC 2GO, NBC News2Go and Nickelodeon. The Access also features advanced multimedia capabilities such as a camera, external stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth, AT&T Music and AT&T Video.

You can get the cheapest price here for the Samsung Access Mobile TV Phone


This new ATTcellphones mobile phone from Sony Ericsson is just out. It has a 2.0-megapixel camera and a large 2.2-inch screen. Using the Z750a's HSDPA capability, uploading camera pictures to a blogsite can be done at broadband-speed. The Z750a also has a media player that supports all the major music formats, so users can enjoy their favorite songs while traveling. Additionally the Z750a provides a built-in FM radio with RDS and 3D gaming capabilities.

HOW TO BUY ATTCellPhones - LG Vu

Just out is the LG Vu and it is looking hot. ATTcellphones like this are what makes the world of technology and phones so fun. This phone comes with Bluetooth, a camera, Mp3, video and just about every other cool new technology on the market today. You can get the best price here for the LG Vu CU920

WHERE TO BUY ATTCellPhones - Motorola Z9 Phone

This ATTCellPhone is the Motorola Z9 just out in the second quarter 2008. This sharp phone has a 2.4 inch screen and plays video like you have never seen. It also has a 2.0-megapixel camera including an 8x digital zoom with video recording. The AT&T Motorola Z9 also has an integrated GPS system and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. All in a cool slider phone!

WHERE TO BUY ATT Cell Phones - RIM BlackBerry Pearl (8120)

This is one of the new ATTcellphones that has just come out in 2008. The RIM BlackBerry Pearl (8120) can do almost anything a cell phone can now days. It has all the bells and whistles including a camera with video recorder, Wi-Fi, media player, Bluetooth and tons more.


WHERE TO BUY ATT Cell Phones - LG CU515

This ATT cell phones is a powerful miltimedia tool with the newest music and video features. You can connect instantly to get in touch with all your friends and family and stay hands free with Blue Tooth. It comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera with video, customizable shutter tones, brightness, white balance, color effects, quality, and image editor to resize, crop, color effect, and rotate.


WHERE TO BUY ATT Palm Centro FREE Shipping Now Available

You can get the best price here for the Palm Centro

BUY ATT Cell Phones - Motorola RAZR2 V9 Phone

This ATT cell phones from Motorola is one of the slickest phones on the market. This phone has a hardened scratch resistant glass as well as a glossy sheen that shines like it is brand new all the time. The strong stainless steel case is remarkably thin and only weighs 4.4 ounces.

The RAZR2 V9 is a gorgeous phone that will keep you connected allowing you to do anything you need to do with a cell phone. It has absolutely all the bells and whistles and is not cheap.


ATT Cell Phones - Samsung A737

This ATTcellphone mobile phone by Samsung is one of the basic models. It has a 1.3 megapizel camera and video capture, a MP3 player, and Bluetooth 2.0 technology. You can usually get this phone for free with sign-up service.


ATT Cell Phones - Samsung A127

This is one of those ATT cell phones that is an entry level phone. the Samsung A127 has a VGA camera, a speakerphone, a color screen, as well as downloading capability of new ringtones and graphics. This is a standard ATT cell phone for those of you who don't need or want lots of bells and whistles.


ATT Cell Phones - Pantech Duo Phone

The Pantech Duo Phones is an ATTcellphones that is specially made for AT&T. It offers a dual sliding double keyboard design. It is the perfect phone for writing email and working on Microsof Word and Excel documents.


ATT Cell Phones - Motorola Q 9h

This is another one of those ATT cell phones that is designed with a supurb style. The Motorola Q 9h has lightening fast speed with immediate downloading capabilities. It comes with all the bells and whistles including Bluetooth, a 2.0-megapixel camera with Zoom, enhanced music experience featuring Windows Media Player, and a ton of other features.


ATT Cell Phones - Samsung Blackjack II (I617)

This new ATTcellphones mobile phone is a real beauty. The Samsung BlackJack II (I617) is the successor to the BlackJack. It is thin, lightweight and offers a varitey of great features. It comes with a Windows Mobile operating system and you get email, Bluetooth, Mp3 capability, and a video Media Player. This fully loaded gem is one of those ATT cell phones you just gotta have!


ATT Cell Phones - RIM BlackBerry Curve (8310)

This beautiful ATTCellPhones mobile phone is the RIM Blackberry Curve 8310. This phone comes with GPS turn by turn voice and on screen navigation that have 3D color moving maps. It also has a 2.0 megapixel camera with a 5X digital zoom, a media plater, Bluetooth, Blackbery email and messaging capabilities, and much more. This is the ATT cell phones for the person who has everything.


ATT Cell Phones - LG Shine (CU720)

The Shine CU720 is a new ATT cell phones from LG. This model is a slider phone that has a body composed of stainless steel metal. The 2.2 inch screen is visable from all angels and it comes complete with at music plater, 2.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and web access.

This is one of those medium priced ATT cell phones that really packs a punch.


ATT Cell Phones - AT&T Tilt 8925

The new Tilt 8925 is a sharp new ATT cell phones that comes with a 2.8 inch color screen and a keyboard. The screen slides back and tilts up so that it is easy on the eyes for reading and writing emails.

The new Tilt comes with the latest GPS Navigator and it supports Bluetooth 2.0. This is one of the better ATT Cell phones out there. It is a sweet phone indeed!


BUY ATT Cell Phones - AT&T 8525

The AT&T 8525 is a Windows Pocket PC which is full of features which provide access to your email, the Internet, and all your personal and business applications. All this comes at broadband speeds. This is one of those great ATTcellphones with simultaneous voice and data functions and you surely will not miss a call while you are surfing the web or using email.