The brand new Samsung Impression A877 is another one of the latest ATTcellphones that is hot.

It has a very thin handset that features a 3.2-inch metallic blue touch screen with a slide-out four-row QWERTY keyboard. You can use the one-touch shortcuts for texting and vibration response to touch. It provides onboard mobile instant messaging with AOL and AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.

It has an integrated 3.0-megapixel digital camera with digital zoom and multi-shot that can share live or recorded video during a call. Bluetooth wireless technology supports headsets and handsfree devices, streaming music, dial-up networking and file transfers. The Impression offers AT&T's popular services, such as AT&T Navigator for turn-by-turn voice directions and maps with fast traffic re-routing, AT&T Mobile Music for over-the-air music downloads and CV for streaming video clips.

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